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Back to Black (15)

Back to Black

Her music. Her life. Her legacy.

The extraordinary story of Amy Winehouse’s early rise to fame from her early days in Camden through the making of her groundbreaking album, Back to Black that catapulted Winehouse to global fame. Told through Amy’s eyes and inspired by her deeply personal lyrics, the film explores and embraces the many layers of the iconic artist and the tumultuous love story at the centre of one of the most legendary albums of all time.

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Saturday 18 May 202419:30
Wednesday 22 May 202416:15

Big Banana Feet (12A)

Big Banana Feet

The long lost film of Billy Connolly’s 1975 tour of Ireland, newly restored.

Inspired by the fly-on-the-wall style of DA Pennebaker's Bob Dylan documentary Don't Look Back, director Murray Grigor present the legendary Billy Connolly at his beguiling best, using humour and charm to successfully navigate the political tensions of 1970s Dublin and Belfast.

Featuring iconic stand-up material alongside fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses, this previously elusive milestone of British comedy is now newly restored in 2K from original 16mm materials.

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Thursday 23 May 202420:15

IF (U)


From writer and director John Krasinski, IF is about a girl who discovers that she can see everyone’s imaginary friends — and what she does with that superpower — as she embarks on a magical adventure to reconnect forgotten IFs with their kids.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski and featuring the voices of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Steve Carell as the wonderfully unique characters that reflect the incredible power of a child’s imagination.

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Friday 24 May 202416:15

John Singer Sargent: Fashion & Swagger (PG)

John Singer Sargent: Fashion & Swagger

Step into the glittering world of fashion, scandal and shameless self promotion that made John Singer Sargent the painter who defined an era. Explore the unique creative process of the late 19th century’s favourite portrait artist and the way in which his portraits captured the spirit of a vibrant and rapidly changing age.

John Singer Sargent is known as the greatest portrait artist of his era. What made his ‘swagger’ portraits remarkable was his power over his sitters, what they wore and how they were presented to the audience. Through interviews with curators, contemporary fashionistas and style influencers, Exhibition on Screen’s film will examine how Sargent’s unique practice has influenced modern art, culture and fashion.

Filmed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Tate Britain, London, the exhibition reveals Sargent’s power to express distinctive personalities, power dynamics and gender identities during this fascinating period of cultural reinvention. Alongside 50 paintings by Sargent sit stunning items of clothing and accessories worn by his subjects, drawing the audience into the artist’s studio.

Sargent’s sitters were often wealthy, their clothes costly, but what happens when you turn yourself over to the hands of a great artist? The manufacture of public identity is as controversial and contested today as it was at the turn of the 20th century, but somehow Sargent’s work transcends the social noise and captures an alluring truth with each brush stroke.

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Tuesday 21 May 202414:00

Kung Fu Panda 4 (PG)

Kung Fu Panda 4

For the first time in almost a decade, comedy icon Jack Black returns to his role as Po, the world's most unlikely kung fu master, with a hilarious, butt-kicking new chapter in DreamWorks Animation's beloved action-comedy franchise: Kung fu Panda 4.

After three death-defying adventures defeating world-class villains with his unmatched courage and mad martial arts skills, Po, the Dragon Warrior, is called upon by destiny to ... give it a rest already! More specifically, he’s tapped to become the new Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace.

Po must find and train a new Dragon Warrior whilst also dealing with a powerful new foe, Chameleon, a tiny lizard who can shapeshift into any creature, large or small.

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Sunday 19 May 202415:00

La Chimera (15)

La Chimera

Just out of jail and still searching for his late beloved Beniamina, crumpled English archaeologist Arthur (Josh O’Connor) reconnects with his wayward crew of tombaroli accomplices – a happy-go-lucky collective of itinerant grave-robbers who survive by looting Etruscan tombs and fencing the ancient treasures they dig up. Arthur isn’t interested in the artefacts, though; he’s seeking a legendary door to the underworld, and to Beniamina.

In an adventurous journey between the living and the dead, between forests and cities, between celebrations and solitudes, the intertwined destinies of these characters unfold, all in search of the Chimera.

“A joyous, masterful work of folk magic.”


“Alice Rohrwacher makes movies like no one else.”

- Hollywood Reporter

"It made me eurphorically happy!"

- Greta Gerwig

Friends of the Forum members can claim a £5 ticket to any performance of La Chimera by simply booking with their membership.

We will be regularly offering selected films at the reduced cost of £5 to our members in the hopes of you discovering a new film, so be sure to check our website listings frequently to see what’s on offer.

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Sunday 19 May 202419:15
Monday 20 May 202420:00
Tuesday 21 May 202416:30
Wednesday 22 May 202413:15
Thursday 23 May 202417:15

Love Lies Bleeding (15)

Love Lies Bleeding

Reclusive gym manager Lou falls hard for Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder headed through town to Las Vegas in pursuit of her dream. But their love ignites violence, pulling them deep into the web of Lou’s criminal family.

This 80s-set crime-thriller from British director Rose Glass is a visceral fever dream of rippling muscles and burning desire, and is one of the most exciting films unleashed on audiences so far this year.

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Friday 24 May 202419:00

Red Herring (12A)

Red Herring

When Kit Vincent, a young filmmaker, receives a terminal diagnosis aged 24, his first instinct is to turn on his camera and document those closest to him. Kit’s divorced parents are naturally having a hard time grappling with the reality of their son’s illness, and his father, Lawrence, begins a transition of his own-a conversion to Judaism. Following along with his father’s process of grieving for his son’s upended future, Red Herring captures the absurdity of the things we do to find solace in times of inexplicable tragedy.


In this personal and touching documentary about a life cut short, Vincent walks the line between humour and grief to helm this love letter to the relationships that keep us going through the dark stages of life.

Each week we are selecting a new film for our 16-25 members to discover with the reduced ticket cost of just £3.

To claim your £3 ticket for Red Herring simply book using your 16-25 membership, online, by phone or at our box office. You can sign up for a free 16-25 membership by any of these methods.

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Monday 20 May 202417:30
Tuesday 21 May 202419:30

Royal Ballet: The Winter's Tale (12A)

Royal Ballet: The Winter's Tale

King Leontes of Sicilia is crippled with an all-consuming jealousy when his friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia, stays with him and his wife Hermione. What follows is a tale where a marriage is destroyed, a child is abandoned and all hope is seemingly lost for two lovers.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, The Winter's Tale is an award-winning modern ballet classic, packed with emotional turmoil heightened by Joby Talbot’s compelling score and Bob Crowley’s atmospheric designs.

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Wednesday 22 May 202419:15

Social Cinema: Archive (TBC)

Social Cinema: Archive

Our moving image heritage can be described as looking into a mirror from the past: what we see reflected can shine a light on the cracks that we see in our world.

This programme of short films, produced by the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives, explores social and political issues including gender equality, homelessness and poverty, isolation, and climate justice that resonate with the present and help us reflect on our future.

The programme comprises:

Born a Rebel

Stories of rebellion. Stories of bravery. Stories of women who aren’t waiting for permission to take what they want.

Lost Connections

The film invites reflections on loss, loneliness, isolation, and expressions of desire, optimism, hope, and renewal, referencing universal issues of mental health and well-being.

Cost of Living

As we live through the deepest cost of living crisis for over fifty years, this film expresses the fury and anger of generations whose essential needs for safe housing, secure work and full bellies go unfulfilled. Despite their difficulties, people come together as communities to help those in need and raise a fist of defiance.

Nature Matters

This film reveals the shifting concerns over the decades about issues which impact on our natural world, alongside recent footage of quests for more sustainable lifestyles.

Social Cinema is supported by Film Hub North with National Lottery funding on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network.

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Sunday 19 May 202413:1517:30