Accessibility at The Forum

Chair Lift:

Our premises are on the first floor. We have a chair lift (not wheelchair lift) on our main entrance stairway up to the foyer, café/bar and cinema. To use the chair lift, please ring the doorbell at the bottom of the stairs and a member of staff will come and assist you. Chair lift users must be able to transfer themselves or be transfered from their wheelchair on to the chair lift.

All users must be in the presence of a trained member of staff.

Maximum weight limit of 19 stone/120kg.

The seat belt must be used on all occasions.

Only one person may use the lift at a time.

Please note that the use of the lift is at the discretion of the duty manager who will make a decision about its use on every occasion on consideration of the health and safety of staff and customers.

Wheelchair Lift:

Once on the first floor, there is a wheelchair lift from the foyer to the auditorium which has two dedicated wheelchair spaces.

A member of staff will operate the wheel chair lift with you and help escort you to the allocated wheelchair spaces.

Please let us know when you book that you will need to use these lifts and wheelchair spaces, and allow plenty of time to get to your seat.

Open Captioned Screenings:

We regularly screen films with open-captioned-subtitles to help our hard-of-hearing or deaf audience enjoy the cinema.

Similar to subtitles, open-captions appear at the bottom of the screen and aim to fill in important details about each scene. Along with the dialogue, you will also see open captions for sound effects, background noises, musical descriptions and other audio cues that need describing.

This helps our guests with hearing loss distinguish between different people talking, emotional changes in their voices or non-vocal audio that’s relevant to the story.

To find all open-captioned screenings on our website, click here.

Hard Of Hearing Headsets:

Headsets are available for the hard of hearing and to provide audio-description when available.

Carers/CEA Card Holder:

On recommendation from the government, we will give a complimentary ticket for a carer to anyone in possession of a Cinema Exhibitors Association card or anyone with a registered carer card.

Dementia Friendly Screenings:

Our Dementia Friendly Screenings are designed for people living with Dementia and their carers, or for anyone who would benefit from a relaxed cinema environment, but all are welcome.

Providing a comfortable and welcome environment, we turn the sound down a notch, keep the lights on low and encourage people to come and go as they want with unallocated seating.