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Sign up for a FREE 16-25 membership and receive benefits such as:

  • £5 tickets*
  • 10% off popcorn from our Cafe Bar
  • No online booking fees
  • A monthly 16-25 e-newsletter, detailing the cinematic treats we’ve got lined up for you
* Excluding Live Events on Screen and some special events.

Please note: the 16-25 membership is only valid for 16-25 year olds, so please bring photo ID or proof of age every time you visit us.

When booking tickets for friends and family aged 16-25, all parties in the group need to be valid 16-25 members to receive the benefits. Get your friends and family aged 16-25 to sign up for the free membership and then add them to your order at checkout.

16-25 Membership

16-25 Membership
@ £0.00 each

Please be aware you can only buy this membership for yourself