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To all the wild women who answer the call of adventure: Shextreme is dedicated to you.

The world’s first film festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure, Shextreme is coming to Hexham.

Leading the charge for gender equality in adventure filmmaking, Shextreme’s UK tour takes the best of the 2019 festival out on tour, electrifying audiences with an exciting and inspiring celebration of adventurous, active women. There is no shortage of amazing women in adventure. However, there IS a shortage of filmmakers sharing their empowering stories on screen, and Shextreme addresses this through its action-packed programmes of active, adventurous women, both on screen and behind the camera.

For the Shextreme UK film tour, we have assembled a selection of inspirational stories from our latest festival, encompassing mountaineering, biking, surfing, skiing, slacklining and more. Prepare to be inspired!