Losing the Plot 2017 - Saturday screenings

Losing the Plot 2017 - Saturday screenings

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


AN UNORTHODOX WEEKEND OF CINEMA IN THE WILDERNESS: Star & Shadow Cinema at Burnlaw, Northumberland SATURDAY 16th JUNE: 11am - A Question of Silence (M Gorris, Netherlands, 1982) 2pm - Limpiadores & The NIghtcleaners pt.1 (F. Mitjans, Cuba, 2015 / Berwick st. Collective, UK, 1975) 5pm - Endless Poetry (A. Jodorowsky, Chile, 2016) 8.30pm - Aquarius (K. Mendonco Filho, Brazil, 2016) THE EVENT IS FAMILIY FRIENDLY. SCREENINGS ARE CERTIFICATED BUT BURNLAW HAS A GREAT PLAY AREA AND PLENTY OF SPACE TO EXPLORE