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Bye Bye Tiberias (PG)

Bye Bye Tiberias

In her early twenties, Hiam Abbass (Succession) left her native Palestinian village to follow her dream of becoming an actress in Europe, leaving behind her mother, grandmother, and seven sisters. Thirty years later, her filmmaker daughter Lina returns with her to the village and questions for the first time her mother’s bold choices, her chosen exile and the way the women in their family influenced both their lives.

Our 16-25 members can claim a £3 ticket for Bye Bye Tiberias by simply booking using their membership.

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Tuesday 23 Jul 202419:00

Chuck Chuck Baby (15)

Chuck Chuck Baby


Helen lives with her ex-husband, his 20-year-old girlfriend, their new baby - and his dying mother Gwen. Her life is a grind, and like all the other women she toils with at the local chicken factory, is spent in service of the clock. She lives only for laughing with her friends at work, caring for Gwen, and music. When Joanne, the girl she secretly loved at school, comes back to town, Helen's world is turned upside down.

Friends of the Forum members can claim a £5 ticket to any performance of CHUCK CHUCK BABY by simply booking with their membership.

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Friday 26 Jul 202419:30

Inside Out 2 (U)

Inside Out 2


Teenager Riley’s mind headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety shows up. And it looks like she’s not alone.

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Longlegs (15)


In pursuit of a serial killer, an FBI agent uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his terrifying killing spree.

Already being called the ‘scariest film of the decade’ (-Flickering Myth) and receiving a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. This 90s set chiller stars Nicolas Cage and rising horror star Maika Monroe (It Follows).

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Friday 26 Jul 202417:00

NT Live: Present Laughter: Encore (PG)

NT Live: Present Laughter: Encore

The multi award-winning production of Noel Coward’s provocative comedy featuring Andrew Scottt (Vanya, Fleabag) returns to the big screen.

As he prepares to embark on an overseas tour, star actor Garry Essendine’s colourful life is in danger of spiralling out of control. Engulfed by an escalating identity crisis as his many and various relationships compete for his attention, Garry’s few remaining days at home are a chaotic whirlwind of love, sex, panic and soul-searching.

Filmed live from The Old Vic in London during a sold out run in 2019, Matthew Warchus, (Matilda The Musical) directs this giddy and surprisingly modern reflection on fame, desire and loneliness.

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Thursday 25 Jul 202419:00

The Mummy: 25th Anniversary (12A)

The Mummy: 25th Anniversary

Discover or revisit some classic cinema this season as we heat up our screen with our Forum Summer Scorchers mini programme.

Dashing legionnaire Rick O’Connell stumbles upon the hidden ruins of Hamunaptra while in the midst of a battle to claim the area in 1920s Egypt. It has been over three thousand years since former High Priest Imhotep suffered a fate worse than death as a punishment for a forbidden love—along with a curse that guarantees eternal doom upon the world if he is ever awoken.

The beloved action-horror classic, The Mummy celebrates its 25th anniversary by returing to cinemas in scorching 4K!

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Saturday 20 Jul 202416:30
Sunday 21 Jul 202419:00

Thelma (12A)



Veteran character actress June Squibb - in her first leading film role at the age of 94 - is Thelma, this year's least likely action hero.

Inspired by the capable Tom Cruise, Thelma embarks on a Mission Impossible style quest of her own after being duped by phone scammers pretending to be her beloved grandson. Along with her grandson and her friend Ben (the late Richard Roundtree), Thelma looks to reclaim what was taken from her, and keep a hold of the freedom she feels slipping away from her.

Friends of the Forum members can claim a £5 ticket to any performance of THELMA by simply booking with their membership.

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Waterloo Sunset (12A)

Waterloo Sunset

Poignant, moving and uplifting, Waterloo Sunset is a documentary about the elderly residents who live at the remarkable Hopton’s Almshouse, beside The Thames. Built in 1752 for the borough’s poor, the occupants - many in their 80s and 90s - now find themselves living in one of London’s most sought-after locations, dwarfed by luxury apartments and towering glass skyscrapers.

Over the course of one summer, filmmaker Harvey Marcus discovers a story of a community battling with regeneration, change and what it means to grow old in today’s Britain, but also a tale of hope, wisdom and inspiration - epitomised by 92 year old Yogi, Jenny, and the incorrigible crooner Shamus, who despite his 76 years and various ailments, still dreams of pop stardom. This is a coming of age story with a difference.

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