Parent & Baby Screenings

Parent & Baby Screenings

Parent & Baby Screenings

Our ‘Parent & Baby’ screenings are regular shows exclusively for parents or carers with babies and children under 2 years old.

Parent and baby screenings may be noisier & more disrupted than other screenings.

Parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times and must remain with them throughout their visit.

Terms and Conditions:

Most Parent & Baby Screenings will be rated U, PG or 12A. However we may occasionally screen a performance with a 15 rating which is approved by the local council. Please check the BBFC advice for the film you want to come and see before attending.

Adults must be accompanied by a child under 2 years old. No unaccompanied adults will be admitted.

‘Adults’ refers to anyone who would normally purchase an Adult, Senior or Student ticket: these tickets are charged at the ‘Parent’ rate for these performances.

Please note:

We reserve the right to refuse admission, or to alter the stated show at our discretion if necessary.